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Preprocess Function

The preprocessing_func (custom name) is a preprocess function that is called just once before the training/evaluating process. It prepares the data for later use in input encoders, output encoders, and metadata functions.
from code_loader.contract.datasetclasses import PreprocessResponse
def preprocessing_func() -> List[PreprocessResponse]:
train = PreprocessResponse(length=len(train_X), data=train_df)
val = PreprocessResponse(length=len(val_X), data=val_df)
test = PreprocessResponse(length=len(test_X), data=test_df)
return [train, val, test]
This function returns a List of PreprocessResponse objects. The elements on that list correspond with the train , validation, and test data slices.
Usage within the full script can be found at the Dataset Script.


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