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Issues Overview

Issues in Tensorleap are composed via the issues panel which is shown once you click on the dashboard view at the top. From this panel, you can view your current issues and add new issues.


Issues in Tensorleap are a list of items that require the team's future attention. Each issue could be assigned to a team member, refer to a branch, and have a status: open/closed.

Adding a new issue

  1. Press the + button on the top

  2. Add an issue title

  3. (Optional) Assign this issue to a team member

  4. (Optional) set the branch relevant to this issue

  5. (Optional) Add Tags to the issue

  6. (Optional) Leave a comment that describes this issue

Editing an issue

Once we made some progress with an issue, we can update its status to let our team know that this is resolved / in progress.

  1. Click the issue to open it

  2. Change Status / Add comment / Assign the issue to a team member

  3. Press the "back" arrow to see the changes reflected on the issues panel

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