Try Tensorleap for Free

Installation guide for the Tensorleap free 14-days trial.
Simply install our standalone version on your local machine to gain full platform functionality for 14 days. We have also included a few sample projects to get you up to speed.
Installing the Tensorleap platform is quick and easy. Simply run the installation command and follow the prompts. The entire process should take less than 10 minutes.
The installation script will:
  • Install K3D, a lightweight wrapper to run k3s (Lightweight Kubernetes) within a docker.
  • Deploy the Tensorleap platform in the K3D docker.
To uninstall, simply run the command found in the Uninstalling section.
Keep in mind that Tensorleap is designed to run within a Kubernetes cluster, containing all the different components of the platform. Given that this trial is running locally, performance is subject to available system resources.


For every Linux / MacOS machine, running Docker (available at, run:
bash <(curl -s

For full instructions please follow the Installation Guide.

Sample Projects

The Standalone version comes with a few, relatively simple, example projects you can explore:

Integrate Your Modal and Data

To integrate your model and data, please follow the Integration Script. In addition, you can find a full, step-by-step, guide that includes model and data integration at the Full Guides page.